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How To Apply For Google Adsense Account To Earn Money

           Now here we discuss on google account that how to apply for google adsense and why we apply adsense account because in if you have your own adsense account than you can easily earn money from google adsense now here some step are important given:
1:    Your sit should be real means you have write you own artical
 2 :  Your sites Trafic comes from google seo.
3 :  Do not copy your post from other site.
4: Than you can apply for account  :
You have to make your own own gamil than apply now here some step are given:
Then Advertising Contune To Your gmail
Your Sites Sites Name
Your Pay Name
Your Real States Address
Postla Code
And Others Requrment
                                                              Yours Addsense Apply In Done